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Millions around the world now rely on Beijing’s mouthpieces as their primary sources for news.

Wall Street Journal: Sources: China to… – Yes I am a “Girl” | Facebook

Wall Street Journal: Sources: China to approve Qualcomm-NXP deal in next few days, but with conditions, as regulators fear merged company’s dominance in…

iTech News – Wall Street Journal: Sources: China is… | Facebook

Wall Street Journal: Sources: China is considering retaliating against the Chinese operations of Nokia and Ericsson should EU members follow US and UK in …

CHIRO Sample – Dan Strumpf / Wall Street Journal … – Facebook

Dan Strumpf / Wall Street Journal: Sources: Chinese tech companies like Lenovo and Xiaomi quietly curtailed shipments to Russia; China’s tech exports to …

iTech News – Jing Yang / Wall Street Journal: Sources

iTech News – Jing Yang / Wall Street Journal: Sources:… | Facebook

Jing Yang / Wall Street Journal: Sources: Tencent is facing a record fine after Chinese regulators found WeChat Pay flouted anti-money-laundering rules…

Facebook to Rank News Sources by Quality to Battle …

Facebook to Rank News Sources by Quality to Battle Misinformation – WSJ

19.01.2018 — Tech giant will rely on user surveys of trustworthiness to try to preserve objectivity · What’s News · U.S. Shoots Down Suspected Chinese Spy …

Facebook plans to start ranking news sources in its feed based on user evaluations of credibility, a major step in its effort to fight false and sensationalist information that will also push the company further into a role it has long sought to avoid—content referee.

Facebook to Overhaul How It Presents News in Feed – WSJ

11.01.2018 — Social-media site would favor posts by users and friends and rank journalism outlets by credibility.

Facebook is broadly overhauling the way it presents news and information on its platform, as it struggles to address criticism from users and others about the quality of the content shared there and its effect on society.

Chinese state media Facebook ads are linked to changes in …

Chinese state media Facebook ads are linked to changes in news coverage of China worldwide | HKS Misinformation Review

von AM Tambe · 2022 · Zitiert von: 1 — Agenda-setting effects have also been demonstrated for news sources, including Chinese state media, that reach across national boundaries (Cheng …

We studied the relationship between Facebook advertisements from Chinese state media on the global media environment by examining the link between advertisements and online news coverage of China by other countries. We found that countries that see a large increase in views of Facebook advertisement from Chinese state media also see news coverage of China

Leap: How to Thrive in a World Where Everything Can Be Copied

Leap: How to Thrive in a World Where Everything Can Be Copied – Howard Yu – Google Books

Every business faces the existential threat of competitors producing cheaper copies. Even patent filings, market dominance and financial resources can’t shield them from copycats. So what can we do — and, what can we learn from companies that have endured and even prospered for centuries despite copycat competition? In a book of narrative history and practical strategy, IMD professor of management and innovation Howard Yu shows that succeeding in today’s marketplace is no longer just a matter of mastering copycat tactics, companies also need to leap across knowledge disciplines, and to reimagine how a product is made or a service is delivered. This proven tactic can protect a company from being overtaken by new (and often foreign) copycat competitors. Using riveting case studies of successful leaps and tragic falls, Yu illustrates five principles to success that span a wide range of industries, countries, and eras. Learn about how P&G in the 19th century made the leap from handcrafted soaps and candles to mass production of its signature brand Ivory, leaped into the new fields of consumer psychology and advertising, then leaped again, at the risk of cannibalizing its core product, into synthetic detergents and won with Tide in 1946. Learn about how Novartis and other pharma pioneers stayed ahead by making leaps from chemistry to microbiology to genomics in drug discovery; and how forward-thinking companies, including China’s largest social media app — WeChat, Tokyo-based Internet service provider Recruit Holdings, and Illinois-headquartered John Deere are leaping ahead by leveraging the emergence of ubiquitous connectivity, the inexorable rise of intelligent machines, and the rising importance of managerial creativity. Outlasting competition is difficult; doing so over decades or a century is nearly impossible — unless one leaps. Ultimately, Leap is a manifesto for how pioneering companies can endure and prosper in a world of constant change and inevitable copycats.

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