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Notable that Jack says Twitter made the call *by itself* that the materials were obtained through hacking. It’s still not entirely clear why it (and Facebook) …

How the Facebook Ad Boycott Will End – OneZero – Medium

Asked about its Silicon Valley-based employees’ generally leftward political leanings, Zuckerberg says it means “we need to be careful and intentional …

“Moments” on Instagram, Facebook, Spotify

How the Facebook Ad Boycott Will End | by Will Oremus | OneZero

27.06.2020 — Reach me with tips and feedback by responding to this post on the web, via Twitter direct message at @WillOremus, or by email at oremus@medium.

Facebook may follow YouTube, which made real changes in response to a 2017 advertiser rebellion—and emerged stronger than ever.

Will Oremus / Washington… – Daily Updates with Pandey ji

Why Tech’s Great Powers Are Warring | by Will Oremus | OneZero

19.12.2020 — Silicon Valley’s uneasy alliances are shifting — and maybe fracturing. Apple is readying new privacy features that could hurt Facebook and …

An adage of international relations holds that great powers have no permanent friends or allies, only permanent interests. (The original quote, from a 19th-century English statesman known as Lord…

Will Oremus

“Moments” on Instagram, Facebook, Spotify: The making of a Silicon Valley buzzword.

22.06.2015 — Moments Are Having a Moment. Facebook, Spotify, Google, and Twitter have all seized on the same buzzword. Here’s why. By Will Oremus.

In June 2013, less than a year after he sold his photo-sharing startup to Facebook for $1 billion, Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom stood onstage at a press…

A classic Silicon Valley tactic — losing money to crush rivals

16.02.2022 — Will Oremus / Washington Post: Twitter says CEO Parag Agrawal will take “a few … a rare move for a Silicon Valley CEO — Parag Agrawal, 37, …

Will Oremus – Silicon Valley

January 23, 2014 at 2:31 p.m.. Why Princeton researchers may be wrong to call Facebook the next MySpace …

Facebook may have saved thousands of lives by tweaking one little feature – Silicon Valley

It’s easy to overstate the extent to which a social network like Facebook can change … Oremus is the lead blogger for Future Tense, reporting on emerging …

Facebook’s Substack rival Bulletin raises antitrust questions about predatory pricing – The Washington Post

Analysis by Will Oremus. Staff writer. July 6, 2021 at 7:00 a.m. EDT. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg at a House Financial Services Committee hearing in 2019.

Facebook’s newsletter product won’t take a cut of writers’ revenue. Some critics see a problem.

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